Introduction To Leadership

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1.”I must follow them. I am their leader” Said a once great leader Alexandre-Auguste. He was the leader of the French Revolution in 1848. I have always wanted to be a leader other could look up to and follow. I want to be someone’s inspiration and motivation to do and become great. I’ve had those leaders, the people who speak and already have me hooked on their every word. I would follow some into the direst of situations. A leader is someone you respect and want to make proud. Someone you strive to be like. On my journey to becoming that leader I’ve tried many different type of leadership styles, and have read many books pertaining to leadership in hopes of gaining insight on how to become that leader. Most books tell me you can’t be one style of leadership to be a great leader. A great leader knows when to use a certain type of leadership and when not to. I haven’t reached the point where I can pull any type of leadership out and use it yet. I use multiple leadership styles yes, but not as effectively as someone experienced would. My main style of leadership is Servant leadership.
2. Herb Kelleher, the CEO of southwest airlines says, “The business of business is people” and created his company based off that philosophy. He goes out of his way to show people traditional status views aren’t everything. Another name for this leadership style is called selfless leading. Why? Simply because you are focused on your people and not yourself. Herb Kelleher is just one of many who believe in the servant leadership style, it’s extremely useful, and being able to pull other types of leadership styles and teaching methods is important with this kind of leadership.
3. What’s the downfall of Selfless leadership? It’s hard to find one if you don’t know a whole lot about leadership. When it comes to deadlines, and getting things done quickly this is a very touchy leadership style, because most leaders tend to dabble in authoritarian because the selfless leadership style doesn’t really address how to reprehend someone or push for things to move fast. A leader who disagrees with the Servant leadership style once said this “The only real power, comes out of