Essay Prospectus: Culture and especially Young People

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Prospectus 1. Nowadays, more and more Chinese people like to watch American TV shows, especially young people. Why they prefer American TV shows rather than their own TV shows? What is the attraction of American’s and what is the disadvantage of Chinese own TV shows? Is this a kind of cultural invasion? 2. I want to introduce the consequence now and analysis the reason why Chinese admire American culture more. And I still want to warn that if Chinese people do not care about this consequence then it would be a kind of cultural invasion. 3. Nowadays, many Chinese people love American TV shows, especially who born after 1970. American culture naturally affects Chinese young people by TV shows. I want to remind Chinese people that learn more about other culture is good for their lives, but do not be infatuated with it because Chinese have their own culture that cannot be instead of. 4. Why Chinese people like American TV shows more?
Who like American TV shows? Why they like American TV shows instead of their own TV shows? What is the difference between American’s and Chinese? What are the advantages of American TV shows and what are the disadvantages of Chinese TV shows? How Chinese like them? How they watch them?
By searching information online and interview Chinese people who like to watch American TV shows. 5. With more and more Chinese young people like watching American TV shows so much and the public comments of Chinese TV shows are not…