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Nathaniel Miller
Claxton High School

Prostitution is a really big deal. Some say that there’s no problem with prostitution while others argue that it exploits woman. The reason why woman start prostituting is because they have to find a way to make ends meet. They need a find a way to put food on the table, and clothes on their kids back, and a roof over their heads. They have to basically find a way to survive. Prostitution goes back a long way, Prostitution started in the BC’s and a couple of more years later it getting more advanced. But prostitution really wasn’t a problem- in some places. In some countries, if a woman were seen prostituting then she would either be forced into marriage or she should be stoned to death. Is prostitution a threat to marriage? Some say that if your marriage is boring then its okay because it spices up the marriage, others say that it counts as cheating. And that the marriage bed should be between just the two of them. What about if you have kids? Will they know about what you’re doing or will you keep it a secret from them? Let’s just say they do find out, your kids are not going to be okay with seeing strangers walk in and out of your room. First off they’re going to be confused. Be married is one thing, but when you have kids then things start to spiral out of control. But it starts to spiral out of control for the better. You can’t honestly think that a prostitution and marriage go together. It’s either you want to be married or you don’t. The choice is up to you. (Pros & Cons, 2015) Should people have a right to become a prostitute? Like I said before, people become prostitutes because they need to make a living. And if they are not getting hired for other jobs, then this is their only option. Are they proud of it? Probably not, but what else can they do? Once they become a prostitute, people start looking at them differently like they’re not even human. But is they need a way to pay the bills then this is the only way. But there are different opinions about prostitution. Many people think that prostitution is a crime and that those girls should be arrested because there are a bunch of diseases out there and with these girls prostituting, then you are just looking at more and more people getting these diseases and that’s not okay. However, some people argue that prostitution is not a crime and that they are not bothering anybody. They need to make a living just as well as the other working class people are. Why treat them any differently because of their profession? (Pros & Cons, 2015)
Is prostitution demeaning to women? Well, honestly some people and those who work as prostitutes say that it does cloud their judgment and that they see nothing wrong with their lifestyle. To them everything is perfectly fine. And then we have people saying that prostitution ruins a woman’s moral values. And they need to think twice before stepping into that dangerous world. Did you know that the average age for prostitution started at the age of 15? Can you imagine being that young and stepping out into the streets and selling yourself for money? Many say that you make a whole lot of money in a day, but some say an “All money is not good money.” (Toth, 2015)
Did you know that about 72% of prostitutes were beaten and raped as a child? Maybe that’s why they go out and do what they want to do. Because they have deep fear that nobody will ever love them and this is stuff that they grew up on. This is all they know, the world was never kind to them-but then again the world is never kind to anybody-there was nobody to look out for them. It was always these girls against the world. And it always seemed like the world was winning so they just put up their white flags and just gave up. (Toth, 2015)
What about a prostitute’s mental state? Is she always sane or does she crazy every now and again? Well, studies show that over 78% of prostitutes tried to