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Prostitution is highly debated issue. It is defined as a custom of sexual intercourse in exchange of money, pleasure and other benefits. In other words it is a sexual activity for the sake personal and financial benefits. The word prostitution also considered to be a shameful. It is an old activity as humanity and world’s oldest profession. For many people it is a disgusting, pure evil and revulsion. Different cultural group have different views regarding prostitution. An interesting finding is that the majority of prostitutes are females (Smith and Seal 2007).
Prostitution in Canada is not illegal from technical point of view, however the current laws consider the act of buying and selling sex as an illegal activity. A study was conducted on total 239 Canadian undergraduate students (154 females and 85 male students) from the University of British Columbia to know about their understanding and views about current Canadian prostitution laws. All participants were at least 18 year of age the mean age was 21 years. At the time of study participation, 59.7% of participants were single, 36.6% were in a committed relationship, 2.1% were in a common-law relationship, and 1.7% were married.
Every person had different attitude regarding the current laws relating to prostitution that should these law need to be changed? Different people had different attitude 112 participants indicated no, 120 indicated yes and rest 7 participants did not answer the question means they had no any opinion regarding the prostitution law. The participants who said yes 51% from them believed that it should be changed in the direction of increased legalization of prostitution, and 43% said it should be in a direction of increased criminalization. 20 person had opinion that need for more social service to those who are in prostitution.48 participants believed that laws should be changed to increase safety for prostitutes. The rest 21 participants were confused or unclear with about current legalization pertaining to prostitution.
The next scenario question was that percentages of time that prostitute enjoy sex with their customers. The majority of participants gave opinion that male prostitutes enjoy sex more than female do. The participant’s responses regarding positive aspects of prostitution fell into main 4 catagories. Which were 65.2% for money, 14.8% for pleasure and 7.08% ease of work 9.1% flexibility of work.
The result of whole study