Essay about Protagonist and Lottery Winner

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Life is a series of changes, no finality or certainty. Always experimenting with new ways of living and relating. In practice, any experiment can be either of two possible outcomes: success or failure. Indeed, failure is unavoidable in this world! Though, finding a solution to cure the impact that failure has on a person is not easy at all, once we found our special treatment to duel with failure, our identity is more than likely redefined, and through that we will realize what are we truly value.
In such a materialistic world as today, of all the factors that people associate happiness with, money should lie on top of the list; however, the persuasion of such assumption has weakened over time, since more and more people are able to find the type of contentment that is not expressed by financial terms. Indeed, the most neutral ways for some individuals to harvest happiness are simply being honest with themselves and do works that they are passionate about, as evident in these two stories, “The Lottery Winner” and “Synchronicity or Not,” collected by the great author, Po Bronson.

For a person, the causes for his or her melancholy and discomfort vary greatly, but cheating his or her true feelings for the sake of something else, such as the approbation and expectations from others, undoubtedly leads he or she arrive at such undesirable conditions faster. Thus, being honest with our feelings is one of the easiest ways to acquire happiness, even when the process of expressing honesty contradicts with other socially conventional paths in life. In “The Lottery Winner” and “Synchronicity or Not,” the main characters