Essay about Protagonist: Grief and Mr. Harvey

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Susie is the protagonist of The Lovely Bones and the antagonist is Mr. Harvey. The protagonist presents her story as the narrator and observer of how life changes in a family where a murder takes place. She gives us a understanding of each member of her family and how they reacted the grieving process. She is a 14 year-old girl and even though she can analyze what happens to those she loves, she has a difficult time accepting her own death and moving on to Heaven. Mr. Harvey the antagonist, he is a serial killer with deep emotional problems. He is a danger to any young girl or woman. However, another antagonist lies much deeper: grief and the guilt that partners with it. The Salmon family is not so much in a battle against the murderer of their daughter and sister. In fact, they are at war with themselves and each other as they try to come to terms with the tragedy that has befallen their family. This war lasts eight years, until all have experienced every step of their grief, including Susie.


The reality of death hasn't hit home, it hasn't yet been accepted. You feel stunned and bewildered, everything seems unreal.

You lash out at family, friends, the doctor, or the world in general. Expect to experience feelings of guilt or fear during this stage.

You ask for a deal or reward from either God or the doctor. Comments like "I'll go to Church every day, if only my loved one will come