Protect our Food Supply Essay

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“If agriculture doesn't adapt to climate change, if crops don’t adapt to the climate change . . . neither will we.” With this statement above the question we are all curious to know, whether it is important to be considerate of the amount of food sources we have, use and depend on a daily bases? Should we be more observant to know the amounts of crop failure that increase every year or be more aware to the fact of disease affecting our produce. Things are changing from the yearly round harvests to the extremes of the world’s temperature raising. This is all part of the reason, how and why we need to protect our food supply while we can. The history of agriculture dates back to thousands of years ago and has been driven and defined by changes in climate and the land. Depending on the species of plants trying to be grown such as domestic crops (vegetables, fruits) there is need of a specific climate including temperature, moist soil ( with nutrients) and the right amount of sun. But with the variety of insects and small mammals that interfere with this process, we use man made substances to repel these critters from our produce. Pesticides and fertilizers along with other technological adjustments have been made for the increase of produce (crops). Although, this has caused widespread ecological damage and negative human health effects. If the whole point of using substances such as these to increase the amount of crops harvested, this indicates that there is obviously something unanticipated or wrong causing our food supply to thrive improperly without the aid or interference of humans. The number one runner up for this cause has to do with the effects of our global temperatures slightly increasing year after year. Therefore changing the food production creating difficult terrain to work with and most likely negatively affect the weather resulting in more natural disasters and over all make farming