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During the past few years Wisconsin elected a new governor Scott Walker who initiated a official and public sector union conflict. As their newly elected Republican governor he proposed to legislation to roll back union benefits and prerogatives. Its ironic because Wisconsin is the birthplace for public sector unions and Walker’s plan was to weaken their power. His plan was to save for the taxpayers by proposing a rewritten state labor law that ended automatic dues deductions from paychecks, and limit collective bargaining to wages and benefits. So the overall plan was to make the union give back and take away collective bargaining rights that way they can’t negotiate. This angered the unions because what would be the point of being in a union if you can’t bargain, taking away their collective bargaining rights would defeat the purpose of their organization. He wanted workers to pay a little more for benefits so that in the long term they would save money. According to Sean Higgins article “Big Labor Stumbles in Wisconsin”, this was Walker’s solution to fix their 137 million budget deficit. The economist proposes the idea that reducing the pay wont help, but reducing benefits will. Our retirement age needs to be a minimum of 65 and they can’t receive pension till age 65 which will help save money. They also recommend limiting union’s abilities to strike, not to take away bargaining but to control legal privileges. Scott Walker wanted to take away bargaining and limit their pension. They both agree to limiting the benefit system but the economist does not agree with collective