Protestant Reformation and Italisn City States Essay

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04.09: Module Project
The cities i have chosen are Paris, London, Wittenberg, Rome, and Mildred.
Paris played a small part in the European Exploration. Its location was a main factorfor the participation. One of the major leaders of the Protestant reformation was John Calvin. He was born and educauted in France and believed that the Bible held supreme authority. Some must see places are the Eiffel tower, Notre Dane Cathedral and the Louve Museum.
Rome was one of the italisn city states and was also held an important role in the renaissance. The city was a center of learning and well as the arts. Rome had also held a part in the counter Reformation as well since Rome was controlled by the pope, and that was where he resided. Some must see things and places in Rome are, the Roman Colosseum, the Pantheon and, the Trevi Fountain.
Durring the Renaissance, London Contributed through leadership, architecture, and literature. Queen Elizabeth 1st ruled England durring the Renaissance and Encouraged England to participate. Famous Writer, William Shakespreare lived and produces most of his work here. The church of England broke away from the authority of Pope/Roman Catholic Church. Some places of attraction are The london Eye, Big Ben, and Buckingham.
Wittenverg was a very important city during the Reformation. this city is where Martin Luther spoke against the chruch. After he had posted his problems with the church on a list called the 95 theses on the door, the Pope then labeled