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In the Essay about her developmentally disabled Uncle Alan Terry T W says “It was an unspoken rule in our family that the character of others was gauged by how they treated Alan.”(pg.198) In my family, the measure of people’s character has always been how they functioned at Camp Prothro. The adventures that happen at Prothro can be fulfilling, bring happiness, and a commitment to self succeed. At times through the year certain groups come to enjoy the peace that can be found here. This here gives an effect to the guests that radiates this aura, something to be inspired, an overly abundant of energy. To do more to succeed in doing the best you can for shall the group that resides here can experience the best and profitable moment in their lives this how they inspire.
A group that was the first to come is the Seek Group. Two times a year an adult group and a younger group visit the center. They all come on a bus some in an ambulance because of some health concerns. This is a special needs group who are mentally handicapped and come to Prothro to have them have a fun filled vacation for a week. The people who take care of these guests are their sponsors. The energy spent to get this along is amazing. The work they do for their adventure and safety inspired the staff to do a little more to keep an eye out for any trouble they may have or to give the guests an extra cupcake just to see them smile and wave back. No judgment here, the experience we felt that week to see through their eyes. It pushed us to make our best especially our food, the care, and the love. The sponsors hold special days of activities, Disney movie nights, sneaking up on the sponsors with water balloons filled with water, swimming, tractor rides. On the last night they are there a very special dance is held for the guests and treat them like stars. The smile on their face was all that was needed to know that a job was well done.
As the year went on to fall a group of ladies that were well respected came to Prothro to hold something very special. There nickname alone showed what they did they were called Rug Hookers. As humble as they were they really came just to rest and relax until the last day. What makes them very exciting to be with is they spend all year up to this point making beautiful 3-D art woven into rugs full of beautiful colors and textures of sorts. On the last day the ladies hold a silent auction and sell their prized artwork to the highest bidder along with all the proceeds going to charity. That year they had over forty rugs and all of them sold, the amount that was raised was about five thousand dollars, and all was donated to the a breast cancer foundation. Along with those rugs sold Prothro bought five or six of them show. It really opened our hearts that week to see all that artwork and dedication for them to create such beauty and sell it. Never that has been seen at Prothro and look forward to seeing them again this year.
The following year probably the most influential that was something new to Prothro. A group came up from Dallas and by request sat the staff down to discuss a proposition from other choices six other camps. They chose Prothro as the best choice to have that year’s Royal Kids Camp. The object was for foster and orphaned kids to come and feel what it’s like to have a family. The most amazing thing is the adults they volunteer their time to do this camp for them. Some taking vacation time away from families and loved ones to be here. The