Essay Provide training through instruction and demonstration of work skills

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Assessment Activity 1:
Facilitator can collect the information by doing the Training audit and Training needs analysis.
It is necessary because the training should suits the learner’s ability level, their learning preferences and their perceived learning needs.

Training needs analyses is identifying the level of the learner’s current skills and find out if they need any training to improve their skills and knowledge for their position
When we planning training we need to consider:
Learning plan and session plans
Technical resources
Equipment and physical resources
Learning materials required for training
Instruction and demonstration resources
Experts or technical input
Activities and assessment procedures.

Assessment Activity 2:
We can ensure a safe training environment by providing a suitable learning environment , learning material, resources and assistance to learners in identifying and articulating their current knowledge and adding to that knowledge and experience. and also by helping them to organize the learning direction and make learning relevant to current needs actually we need to act as a resource for learners to use and using the feedback system
Because by knowing the training detail they must aware that they will apply new skills, and they can develop their skills as a result of training, which gives them more motivation to get involve in training programs.

A good facilitator demonstrate

Good communication skills
Active listening skills
Questioning techniques that elicit appropriate responses from learners.
Commitment and enthusiasm.
Awareness of diversity.
Respect for others and the opinions of others.
The ability to build trust based relationships with learners.

Assessment Activity 4:

1- Facilitators must be good communicators, because they need to present and communicate ideas in order to encourage training participant. Facilitators can influence their training by developing good presentation by their body language, tone of voice, facial expressions, and ways of moving around the room, people have different training preference and a good communication can make the training a good learning experience.
The facilitator had the following skills listening planning encouraging participation
Presenting information
Giving corrective feedback
Managing the conflict
Having good behavior and attitude.
A good communication between facilitator and learners makes is one of the factors that makes good training environment. Facilitators can make the training more effective with making a good presentation, and then they can evolve a cooperative relationship.

The participant Lerner is more important than teaching. adult learners are neither passive recipients of information nor they are bundles of stimulus respond connections
Adult learners Are much more independent than compulsory learners
They take responsibility for their learning experiences.
Have more experience which will bring in training and can be help full for everyone.
Learn readily from their peers.
Want immediate and regular feedback.
Because adult learners have no wish to return to a schoolroom situation, otherwise they quickly come to resent this and resist any learning that is offered in this situation.
As a facilitator we need to make the training more active by using a variety of stimuli, which provide input for the learning process, need to have more cooperative communication with adult learners. And as a facilitator we need to demonstrate the skills required by learners- show them the practical application of the things they need to know. They can try the tasks under the supervision, and need to give them enough time and resources that will enable them to practice then when they believe they are competent we can assess them.


Group training will give more interest and excitement, it will bring more diversity of