Providence of Government for Change Essay

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Most countries these days are not very successful. This is due to the government of the countries can’t to carry out effective solutions to enable their countries. In my opinion, there are numerous solutions that can be executed by the governments in ensuring the success of their nations.

Firstly, it is undeniable that freedom to choose is one the basic needs of a man. Without it, a man cannot function in the way he is designed to be. Government must provide its citizens with rights of freedom for example to choose their own rulers provided that they have their limitations, and this is a reason that people who live in democratic country such as USA and EU are able to live comfortably and they have freedom. On the other hand, in communist countries where freedom is curtailed, people are not able to live a peaceful and safe life. Communist government don not give people freedom and people can not choice which president they want or if they want to chance political system in country.

Furthermore , I believe that the government should provide good education to all its citizen. Teenagers today are the leaders of future country. However if teenagers have a bad education in this country they would have a bad consequence because they will not have a qualified workers and economic of this country will be fall with fast speed.

Besides, the government should also provide sufficient amenities and infrastructures to the people of the nation so that they will be able to lead a comfortable and convenient life. I think that the natural resources in the nation