PS II Classroom Mngmt Plan Essay

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PSIII Classroom Management Plan
Intern: Ally Burgess School: Teacher Mentor: University Consultant: 1. Classroom Rules
1. Right Attitude
2. Responsibility
3. Respect

• Explanation of Class Rules (method of creating and reinforcing)

1. Students will use positive words in class when making comments, addressing other students or an adult.
2. Students will be responsible by coming prepared to class and completing all assignments to the best of their ability.
3. Students will treat all others (adults and peers) with respect.

*the students will be shown a PowerPoint at the beginning of my practicum to introduce myself and discuss my classroom rules/procedures. Depending on their age, they will either take home a student interest survey for their parents to fill out or fill one out themselves after the teachers introductory PowerPoint.

2. Classroom Procedures:

1. Attention-Getting Procedure: a rhythmic handclap or phrase that students must repeat back to me.
*if students do not stop what they are doing when the signal is used, we will practice the signal until all students are fully participating.

2. Question-Answering Procedure: students raise their hands if they have a question and stay seated during work periods until the teacher comes to help them.
*it is important to make it clear that students are not to interrupt or call out answers during instruction.

3. Transition Procedures: when the bell rings students know that it signals the end of the period and refer to the time table that is posted somewhere in the classroom (students with special needs will have a schedule on their desk). Students are expected to gather and return their own materials. If anything needs to be handed out, the “helper of the day” will assist the teacher or choose a couple buddies to help. Students have a specific number/colour for all of their workbooks.
*teacher will let students know when it is time to get ready for the next activity through the use of an attention getter.
*if we are moving to another area of the school, the teacher will call students up by group/row to line up at the door. Students must be completely silent before they leave the room. If they are not quiet, we will return to the classroom and try again.

4. Individual Seatwork Procedure: Students with exceptionalities are seated near the front of the room and near the teacher’s desk or near their support worker. There will be some activities in which students are allowed to work together, but if it is not specified they are expected to work on their own silently. Once students have completed their seatwork, they will put their head on their desk which lets the teacher know they need their work checked. Once the students work has been checked for completion, they will work on any incomplete work or may choose a quiet activity such as drawing or reading.

5. Safety Procedures: students must change into their indoor shoes at the beginning of the school day and after every recess. No running is allowed unless it is gym class. Students line up at the door and are escorted by the teacher to the nearest exit during fire drills. The teacher has a clipboard that is located near the door to mark down attendance during a drill.

6. Other Procedures: homework, lateness, absence, personal electronic devices (iPods, cell phones-secondary level) materials and equipment, clean up, announcements, etc.

- If the student is falling behind the teacher may assign a small amount (no more than 1 hours’ worth) of homework. I prefer not to send homework since not all students have the support at home in order to get the work completed and I think students deserve a mental break.
- Incomplete/missed work and corrections will be done at recess or during free time.
- Homework is collected every morning as the teacher checks agendas.

- Attendance is taken every morning and sent to the office by computer. Students are expected to report to the