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The Fruit and Veggie People
Bringing you ethically sourced fruit and veg since 2008. Why choose us? We pride ourselves on offering a large variety of fruit and vegetables, if you want it, we can stock it! From dragon fruit to carrots, the exotic to the everyday, there’s not much we can’t get our hands on. Unique ethos We are one of the few fresh produce companies out there that really cares about the people who grow our produce. We believe that happy people grow happy fruit and veggies (which for sure taste better – we tested it!) and our Wellbeing Team works with our growers 24/7 to make sure they love growing our produce just as much as we love eating it. Classic products We have a huge ‘classics’ range. Think really, really big. Take a look at the table to see some of our most popular ‘classics.’


included in 500,000+ boxes


included in 876,000+ boxes


included in 635,000+ boxes


included in 540,000+ boxes

Average no. of products per box
Average no. of products per box


2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013

Newbies We also have a ton of new products, and we’re adding more all the time! The newest additions to our fruit and veg family includes:  Cherimoya
 Purple sweet potato
 Romanesco
 Durian Don’t worry if you aren’t the adventurous type, we’ll only send you these exotic little numbers if you’ve asked for a ‘Try this for size’ box. More, more, more We believe that variety is the spice