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Making a Change for the Better!

It is not a secret that I am clinically considered obese. I have always had weight issues all of my life. I was never taught how to properly fix the issue. So things became progressively worst. I was always the one that said “I don’t even eat that much”. But now realizing, it was not about how much I ate, it was WHAT I ate. Also taking into consideration I became very inactive once I left home to go off to college, back in 2006, only to add to my downward spiral of drastic weight gain. During this class, we were to choose a health habit to help us understand the course further. I already had an idea of what I wanted and desperately needed to change. Even though I was embarrassed to confront my issue with my weight, I knew it was for the better. Since I’m not ready to give up some foods that I like, I decided to become more active. I recently purchased a Zumba fitness game for my Xbox Kinect. At first I was reluctant since I had been so inactive for so long, but for the fact that I love to dance, it was a perfect choice for me. My first idea was to go crazy with it, meaning doing 24/7 and only stopping to sleep. But I quickly realized that was not a good idea. I ran the risk of injury because of the inactivity in my life. So I scaled it down to three to four times a week for about twenty to thirty minutes. I had to be realistic with myself and setting realistic expectations for myself. Knowing that food is another challenge to tackle, I wanted to start with something that I could be more apt to sticking with. I’m not the one to eat food just because it is in front of me, evolutionary speaking. But when I did eat, I would binge eat. I am predisposed to so many health problems even before the weight. So adding the weight into the equation, I knew there was time for a change.

The health issues in my family that go back generations should be enough to make anyone want to change. Not me. I was young and naïve thinking it could not happen to me. I thank God that I am still in the clear. So now is the time to make sure I stay in the clear from diabetes and hypertension, along with