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Journal Articles – Presentations/Research Paper
Each student will be part of a small group (5 people) and be required to summarize an academic journal article and present it to the class in a 12 -15 minute period. The presentation will be based on one professional peer-reviewed article and the group will also turn in ONE research paper summarizing the article. The journal article must be obtained from PsycInfo. The topics should be relevant to one of the chapter’s topics in our text. Each paper must be typed, double spaced, 3 to 5 pages. The research paper assignment includes summarizing and evaluating the original research article. For the presentation, you may use powerpoint slides, an overhead projector, or a poster. Specific Steps. Select partners in your class to complete this assignment. Discuss common interests within the realm of the course that you can explore further. 1. With your partners, conduct an online search for an empirical article in a peer-reviewed psychology journal. Your article must be published from the year 2005 to the present. 2. Your article must contain an original research design. Points for the grade will be deducted if the article is not an original empirical study. Literature reviews, meta-analysis cases studies are acceptable but the team must explain the type of research and demonstrate its utility. 3. After you have selected and read the article, address the following questions in your paper (your paper should be formatted in essay style, not bullets – use APA Style. When answering the following questions, you should report the information as if you would describe the study to someone who is completely unfamiliar with experiments, and with your particular article. Chance is great that I haven’t read your article. Prior to the presentation, you need to provide me with a copy of the article and the worksheet that shows the origin of the article. Answer the following questions in the paper and in the presentation. a. Who