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I always considered myself as the most unlucky person in the world. Something terrible was always happening to me, whether it was my fault or not, it happened to me. From family members dying to losing one hundred dollars in the same day that I got it, I been through it all. Who knew it was possible to have up to 18 years of bad luck? Will I Ever catch a break? That is exactly how my life was up until I went to Young’s Supermarket and played the lottery for the first time in my life. I picked the numbers four, nine, twenty, six, and seven. I said all of these numbers just knowing that it was silly to play something that I did not have a chance of winning. Come on now, it was a one in a billion chance that I would actually win one million dollars. I watched the news that same night to hear someone’s winning numbers. I kept thinking how wonderful it would be to be one hundred dollars richer. I just knew I didn’t win but hey, you have to take chances sometimes. The numbers four, nine, twenty, six and seven. My eyes got so big and watery. I was in disbelief. Those winning numbers were actually mine. I was so amazed. I honestly thought that I was going to faint or pass out! All I could think of was that my bad luck is finally running out and my mother doesn’t have to struggle anymore. When I tried to receive my prize, I was told that I could not get the money until I earned at least one college degree. This made me want to go to college even more than I wanted to before. I planned on going to the University of Georgia but this huge win has motivated me to strive for the best. I already have the grades, all I needed to do is apply to the University of Georgia. I want to be a Biochemist in the near future and I know the University of Georgia