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“Perception is everything” is a phrase that I’m sure you have heard once or twice before. Everyone’s perception of a situation can be different and read differently. When one person looks at an orange some people see the fruit and some are more focused on the color. Everyone is on a different thinking track unless they are told to focus on one part of a subject. If you put out an orange for instance and ask someone what type of fruit it is they are going to answer you and be focused on the type of fruit. When asked what the color is the answer would be orange, not the fruit but the color. When some in on a psychoactive drug or no sleep this perception will change drastically. When you are under the influence of a drug you are not able to make logical decisions or perceive something as it is. When asked you might not get an accurate answer or an answer that is relevant to the question asked. This is because the brain chemistry changes. Putting a psychoactive drug into your brain is like putting baking soda into vinegar it changes the state of the chemical and makes a reaction. Every drug you take will give you a different reaction, and your brain will react differently. I was doing some research on my own and found a very interesting article about a painter who had taken psychoactive drugs and then asked to paint a self mural of himself. Every picture was different and this is because his perception of himself had changed. This is because the reaction to each drug is different on your brain. The same thing can happen when you have a lack of sleep. Sleep deprivation can react the same on your brain. You cannot focus on one particular subject, you can forget simple directions because your brain is not storing this order into memory. Some sleep deprivation