Psy/201 Week 1 Essay

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My daughter has ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Some of the problems that I deal with on a daily are lack of attention, failure to follow instructions, loses things easily, and impulsive behaviors. However, having to deal with this, we are dealing with growing pains, her body is growing fast, but her bones are taking their time, so she has some discomfort. With that, her physician told her when she feels pain she may have a pain pill. However this is been a constant problem, every day she has pain. Therefore, I decided to give her a low dose Bayer aspirin, instead of Tylenol. Within less than twenty minutes, she is telling me she is doing just fine. The next couple of days I changed the aspirin to a vitamin, and got the same reaction. For the past 7 months, when she feels pain, she takes a vitamin believing it is a painkiller, and again the same result. In less than twenty minutes, she is feeling no more pain, or discomfort. I used the informal research method of experimental research. Psychologist produces a change in one variable to observe the effects of that change on other variables. This is the placebo effect, when a patient has symptoms, they receive what they think is treatment, and their symptoms disseminate. If I had to make this decision again, I am not sure I would handle it the same way again. I personally acknowledge that I am dealing with a child not well; I believe that I am not hurting, but I know I am not helping either, I have seen that