Psy 230 Week 1

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LaKeitha Roberts



Instructor Jessica Burkhart

Week 1 Checkpoint

Unsystematic observation, building theories, and evaluating propositions are the three steps in the scientific process. When I was a young person in school people did not like me and I would always wonder why I did not talk much and stayed to myself. I had a few friends but not many I would set and think for hours what I am doing for them not to like me. Then one day many years later I was a young women in collage and one of my instructors pointed out to me that I had the attitude of the alpha female. I was like what dose that mean he want on to say is that you know that people don’t like you but you really don’t care you may think and wonder why but you don’t dwell on it you let it go and keep moving on as if they don’t exist. You know what your value you are more then just looks you are tough and strong and you are the type that would be a good leader. Shortly After that conversation I began to do an evaluation on myself just with my friends and family. Is it really my attitude that makes people dislike me? To me that did make sense to me when I have never had a conversation with them I found that really strange. I started to observe myself by paying more attention to my conversation and the way that I carried myself. Soon I was seeing that I did not have to have conversation with them I could be talking to someone else and I would notice that they would be paying attention to what I was saying. I then notice that when