Psy 270 Week 4 Paper

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Session four consisted of review of homework and discussion of Juanita fustration. It is signficant to note, there was a 2 week time period between the third and fourth session. There was no apparent improvement behavior or their interaction. Suggesting there has been a lack of follow initiative in carrying out application of the program. It was worth wondering if any significant change can occur since Jacoby was exposed to two differnet parenting styles and expectations. Same homework was given, with instruction to journal specific interaction (positive or negative). Session five started with review of homework, the client appreared to be disengaged. She explained she could only stay for 30 minutes and appreared to be anxious to leave. This was apparent by her constant checking of the time and lack of intrest in discussing any progress on goals. No homework was given, only a reminder to look for opportunites for encouragement. Session six was similar to session five, client was unable to complete the one hour session. It did not appear client was implementing the program on any level. Interaction between the client and her son could be described as intense, disruptive and there was no appreant change in behavioral problems or parental response to negative behavior. A …show more content…
Rationale. 1-2-3 Magic was chosen as the ideal treatment option for the following reasons: evidence based, simplicity of the program, option for self instruction after treatment was discontinued. In addition, the treatment seem to align with the goals set with the client. It also was a treatment option which did not require extensive training. Taking into consideration the time frame discussed with the client, a program which had positive outcomes in a short period of time was also a strong reason for chosing 1-2-3