Psy/300 Week 3 Discussion 1

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One mistake made by the superintendent was that he listened to the complaint of a parent, without referring the parent to the building principal in which he had the problem. This type of situation can be upsetting to those involved, and it would have been better received by the principal if he were first given a chance to discuss the issue with the parent and to possibly defend himself. Another mistake that was made was that the principal was not given a chance to tell his side of the story to the superintendent. In addition to not giving the principal a chance to speak on the subject, the superintendent also admitted that he had not seen the newsletter that the parent complained about. In addition, the superintendent stated that the parent “needed to be made happy”. The superintendent should be concerned about how his staff views the way in which they are valued and treated, he failed to listen to his principal. Instead, he only shows concern for the parent. These problems create a perception of micromanaging and lack of concern for his staff. …show more content…
The superintendent is the most important member of the administrative team and needs to be constantly seeking input and collaboration with principals rather than micromanaging. Another troubling aspect of a case such as this would be certain members of the community, such as a family member of a school board member feeling they have the self-appointed authority to go directly to the superintendent. Giving the perception to the staff and the community that because this parent is married to a member of the school board, then they are more important than any other parent in the district and this will cause