Psy 308 Lab Assignment Essay

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Module 1 Homework Assignment
PSY308: Social Psychology
Student’s Name
Aristotle Jimenez

Instructor’s Name
Carolyn Ward
18 November 2012


Homework Assignment 1
PSY 308: Social Psychology

Directions: Using Microsoft Word to save and submit your work, please complete the following homework assignment. Please include a title page with this assignment. Your title page should include the assignment number, course, your name, your instructor, and the date submitted. Please click HERE to view an example.
**Remember to use proper APA formatting: Times New Roman, 12-point font, and double-spaced. 1. What does social psychology have in common with folk wisdom and philosophy? How does
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It means that there is a positive correlation on what the teachers did even though these kids are not really above the average kids in class. The resulst are easily explained that if you label a certain individual or group to be good and you provide them with emphasis to perform then most likely they will perform on the level that you have predicted them to be at. 7. "What is the relationship between viewing violence on the one hand and behaving aggressively on the other hand?" How might an observational researcher, a correlational researcher, and an experimental researcher answer that question? Answer: Viewing violence has been linked to behaving aggressively according to researchers. They cited an example about a Texas man who drove to a crowded cafeteria and started shooting people, killed 22 people and then himself. It was then found that he had a ticket of a movie called ‘The king fisher’. An observation researcher would conduct interviews, observations and write a report about his findings. A correlational researcher would study about watching violence and it’s relationship, then he will come up with his findings. An experimental researcher would conduct extensive studies about the subject and really experiment before coming up with a conclusion. 8. Describe three different ways that experimental social psychologists can enhance their faith in the external validity