Psy/311 Week 1 Reflection

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While studying this unit my course goals problem solving, communication skills and physical stamina has developed so much since I have started. Starting from first week I gave my introduction on discussion board and gave a feedback to my fellow learners about their introduction. In weekly learning material I do activities and then discuss it on discussion board which improved my communication skills. This development is linked to social constructivism (in-text citation) which suggests that this does not occur in isolation, it can be learn best when I can engage socially with other people. When I will work within groups, it enables me to: offer information and data, make meaning and take care of issues through transaction with other, try out …show more content…
In this digital age, everything is online and choosing a teacher profession, we have to search everyday new ideas to make teaching interesting. New multimedia innovations are realizing a change in the way we impart. As advancements for video creation, computerized movement, expanded reality and media altering, turn out to be perpetually refined which will be very helpful in my career as in future I have to use all these technologies to teach my students. This unit enabled new ways for groups to come together and collaborate, bringing in new levels of transparency to our work and personal lives. In week 1 learning material future work skill 2020 helped a lot how my studies will relate to my future profession in my chosen field. Ten skills for the future work force is good to read and to apply for in my career. (Institute for the Future, 2010) Incorporating new-media proficiency into training programs and experiential discovering that offers unmistakable quality to delicate aptitudes, for example, the capacity to team up, work in gatherings, read meaningful gestures, and react adaptively will helped me in my profession and enables me to instruct students to create basic considering, examination abilities and create abilities and learning in scope of