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Descriptive statistics are used by psychologists to summarize and describe a group of numbers from a research study. Descriptive statistics describes what the data that we are trying to make sense of is showing in a simpler way. Also descriptive statistics helps simplify quantitative descriptions, meaning it is putting the quantitative data in to an easier way to understand instead of having a significant amount of numbers to look at.
A way this could be used in everyday life is looking at a GPA. I work in a class of twenty students every day. Seeing their GPA gives us an idea of their general performance before breaking it down to see what individual child needs. The descriptive statistics, being the GPA, gives us a summary of the students work and progress as a group.
Without the descriptive statistics we would have a bunch of students with a bunch of numbers. These numbers could give a view of their work. But if we were trying to see the class’ progress as a whole the GPA gives less number to look at. The descriptive statistics give us the GPA to help organize and simplify a way to look at the students grades.

Psychologists use descriptive studies to describe and summarize a group of numbers from a research study In my work I use statistics to schedule work for my technicians I look at lists of customers that live in the same area in order to keep the drive time to a minimum. I then put them in an order of location and time for each day. I also make lists for most