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Employee Selection and Training Paper
Lorena Perez, Rachel Rist, Casie Thibeault
June 30, 2014
Scott Bruce
Employee Selection and Training Paper In this paper we will cover human resource selection and training procedures along with two real world examples of how an organization used the industrial/organizational psychology that is used to select and train their employees, followed by the discussion of methods that they used to measure these different levels of success for each training program. Then we will end this paper with the discussion of any legal and/or ethical concerns that may have risen with each implementation of these training programs.

Human Resources Selection and Training There are many organizations today that have a hard time recruiting qualified applicants to apply for their certain positions. According to Spector (2014), there are four steps for recruiting and selecting new employees which are, planning, acquiring applicants, selecting applicants, then hiring the qualified applicants. When planning for new applicants there should always be advertising of the position available to let people know they are hiring. Other ways of recruiting can be employee referrals, employment agencies, school recruiters, walk-ins, and the web (Spector, 2014). According to Spector (2014), the choice of sources depends on the ease with which organizations can recruit applicants. Some organizations find that they get enough walk-in applicants to cover the jobs that they have, so more time-consuming methods are unnecessary (Spector, 2014).
During the selection of employees, the more selective an organization is, the better their chance is of the person hired will be a good employee. According to Spector (2014), this is because many of the employee selection procedures developed by I/O psychologist work best when there are several applicants from which to choose. These procedures are based on statistical methodologies used to develop selection systems. The next step is selecting employees. The purpose of employee selection is to hire people who are likely to be succesful on the job, as organizational performance is dependent on having employees who perform their job well (Spector, 2014). Therefore the organization must hire people who are qualified to conduct all the important roles of the job. Human resource departments use multiple aptitude tests to screen potential employees. These tests also determine pay rates based on each tests. This is due to the quality of demand for many human resource managers. The selection process takes extra practice and involves assessing and choosing the right candidate for each position. All selection processes must be legal, technically sound, and must accurately match the people and skills needed for the positions.

Examples of Employee Selection and Training A majority of I/O psychologist think that personality tests are an important tool for choosing the right employees. There are several big corporations that use these tests today, to measure the dimension of personality and related characteristics. These tests are used to foresee insubordinate behaviors, and thin out the individuals that may not be qualified for the job. Taco Bell is one of America’s most thriving fast food corporations. They have been known to use personality test to find the right candidates, with the right attitudes and determination to perform the job (
Taco Bell is part of the Yum Corporation, with a moto of “Great Things Start Here” ( This corporation is known for dedicating a numerous amount of time and energy into areas of communication, recognition, and employee retention. The Yum organization understands that branding an employee does not necessarily mean anything if the individual experience does not match. Instead of this, the corporation wants to establish a higher profit, increased sales, have lower