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Part 1 1. Classical conditioning
I have a special ringtone set for my mom and dad. So whenever they call I know that they are calling me because the ringtone is different from everyone else. I set a special ringtone for my parents so that I would always answer their phone calls. US is the phone call, UR is mom, NS is the special ringtone, CS is the special ringtone, and CR mom. 2. Operant conditioning
My cousin promised her daughter that if she gets all A’s in her report card they would buy her a puppy. So she got all A’s in her report card to get a puppy as a reward. 3. Observational learning
Observational learning is learning by observing others. I use this learning when my mom cooks a meal. I observe what she does and I put that into a use of my own. I learned how to do simple things by observing. I learned how to cut fruits and making a meal by observing the way she cuts the fruits or how she makes spaghettis.
Part 2 1. Not closing the garage door a. The situation: One day I was in a hurry of going to class to turn in my project and forgot to look if I closed my garage. I pressed the remote to close the garage but I didn’t check if I closed the garage. b. Any factors that were relevant to forgetting: My mind was getting the project on time. I think its sensory memory because I thought I closed the garage door but in reality I didn’t close it. c. What caused you to remember: It caused me to think if I closed my garage during class. I was retracing my steps from the moment when I got out of my house to leaving the house. When I got home my prediction was correct. 2. Doctors appointment d. The situation: I had a doctor’s appointment on Friday afternoon. But on Wednesday I made a plan to meet with friends on Friday afternoon, the same time as the doctor’s appointment. I had forgotten about the appointment. On Thursday I receive a confirmation call from the doctor’s appointment. That’s when I realized I forgot about the appointment I made before. e. Any factors that were relevant to forgetting: I believe this is during long-term memory because this appointment was scheduled month ago. During that time I forgot about the appointment. f. What caused you to remember: The confirmation phone call remembered me. 3. Forgetting to give someone their clothes back g. The situation: I had borrowed someone’s clothes one day but forgot to give it back. I told myself that I should put the clothes in the car so that I can give it to them but on the day I forgot to give back the clothes. h. Any factors that were relevant to forgetting: Short-term memory because we can store up to 6 to 9 things in our memory that we tend to forget. i. What caused you to remember: It caused me to remember when I saw that person. 4. Payments j. The situation: I almost forgot to pay my sisters tuition because my tuition payment goes out automatically every month so I don’t have to worry about forgetting to pay, but my sisters tuition has to be made through online every month. k. Any factors that were relevant to forgetting: Working memory because we have several things already in our mind and limited items to remember. Also its not my tuition to pay so I would pay less attention. l. What caused you to remember: It caused me to remember when I checked my statement and I saw my tuition payment go out so I remembered that I have to pay my sisters. 5. Give a call back m. The situation: My friend called me during work but I couldn’t talk for a long time so I told my friend that I would give her a call back later. But I forgot to give her a call. n. Any factors that were relevant to forgetting: Working/short-term memory because I was focused into work that I forgot to give her a call. o. What caused you to remember: I remembered it when I was looking through my phone.
As I observed the things I forget in