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Running head: Case Study 1

Angel Angulo. Case Study. March 19, 2015 Mark Duva

CASE STUDY 2 Scientific Method: Case Study. In psychology, there are different methods to find answers from events, people and behavior’s correlations that are complex to understand by a simple point of view. This method is research study in great deep about a particular person. This methods could involves the history of the person, his or her past, great investigation of the case, how the event happened and often there is an effort to reconstruct the event to understand it better. This method is the most complete method to study an individual. It includes survey method (questioning, analyzing, research, and data) and also includes correlation which is a critical thinking about the reasons of why people do things and how they did it. This method is used to understand how serious events occur, for justice’s reasons like either find physical or empirical evidence. Also, by understanding the event, this method could help in the process to rehabilitee the victim. Secret of the Wild Child A case of the Genie's story impacted the world on November, 1970 in United States. The video of the secret of the Wild Child is a true and sad story of a girl being isolated in a room and most likely tied to a chair for more than 10 years. One day a social worker figured out that a girl was in a little room and the alert to the authorities didn’t take long. Her parents were charged with child abuse. A day before court, her dad committed suicide and the mother went to jail. The girl’s real name is unknown. The authority gave her the name of Genie to protect her identity. This case came up to the light and spread all over around the world known as “The Genie case.” Genie is actually a super natural creature that didn’t have a human childhood and went from

living in a bottle to live in a human society. Genie became a rehabilitation human challenge for Scientifics and Psychologists. Groups of people dedicated their time to rehabilitate her. Nature vs. Nurture. However, there was a controversy from the medicine specialists. There were different points of view regarding to this case. They did not really know if Genie was retarded or if she was just the product of her parent’s abuse. A group of Scientifics worked with her to try to fix her psychological problems. In one of the analysis studies, they noticed that her brain waves were abnormal. Genie struggled to talk and walk. Scientifics described her way to walk as “bunny walk.’’ I think Genie was a challenge for the Nation’s medicine. The doctors wanted to study and learn from her to find solutions to rehabilitee her. I think that government and associations were more interested in the study of the case than what it was the important purpose which is help her to get in the society and live a normal life. After all, Genie didn’t recover completely. Scientifics debate about whether they did the