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Pathogen: A microscopic organism (e.g., bacterium or virus) that can cause disease.
Stress: The demand that is made on an organism to adapt, cope, or adjust.
Eustress: Stress that is healthful; also called YOU-stress.
Daily Hassles: Notable daily conditions and experiences that are threatening or harmful to a person’s well-being.
Uplifts: Notable pleasant daily conditions and experiences.
Conflict: Being torn in different directions by opposing motives. Feelings produced by being in conflict.
Catastrophize: To interpret negative events as being disastrous; to “blow out of proportion.”
Type A Behavior: Behavior characterized by hostility, competitiveness and feelings of time urgency, competition, and hostility.
Psychological Hardiness: A cluster of traits that buffer stress and are characterized by commitment, challenge, and control.
Locus of Control: The place (locus) to which an individual attributes control over the receiving of reinforcers – either inside or outside the self.
Fight-Or- Flight Reaction: A possibly innate adaptive response to the perception of danger.
Resistance Stage: The second stage of the free expression of impulses and primitive ideas – a reflection of the defense mechanism of repression.
Exhaustion Stage: The third stage of the GAS, characterized by weakened resistance and possible deterioration.
Immune System: The system of the body that recognizes and destroys foreign agents (antigens) that invade the body.
Antigen: A substance that stimulates