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1.Develop a narrative to explain what factors were included to support major differences in income being related to competency, inherent societal barriers, gender (parity for women) and/or “race” to justify Caucasian males portrayal as the standard or barometer of excellence? Examine how any combination of those overlapping factors/variables may marginalize human worth, family stability or incentive for structured/higher education?

In the present day, women make a quarter less than every man. Women face inequality with men and pay grade almost in every race. The white and Asian men make top dollar in America and the women trail behind. Women are constantly trying to catch up or mimic the professional white man to get equal pay. From the feminine pan suit to low haircuts, women can’t seem to level on the barometer of excellence.
In the sports world, more male athletes are booked for endorsements than the darker female. Serena Williams has been surpassing her white counter parts but still being paid less. This month, Serena won her 21st Grand Slam title, beating Maria Sharapova for the 17th time in a row. We ask yourself why is she being targeted or body shammed when she is stronger, faster and more talented than many others in her athletic category. It is said that endorsements don’t always choose the best or most athletic athlete but they choose what they believe as the best looking or beautiful. This is ok but not when the Western idea of beauty is thin, white or fair-skinned with long blonde hair. The William’s sisters have been body shammed as a racist act because they are too muscular and too dark for the traditional Western taste.
If America continues to short-change it most successful but untraditional looking individuals, how will blacks succeed and when will the glass ceiling be raised? Because the western culture still has its racial and societal barriers, it becomes more difficult for the minority to succeed or receive rightful treatment. Blacks and other minority will continue to be restricted for their appearance and not recognized for their skills. If we are continuously restricted it makes it harder for young minority families to stabilize in and unstable society. It becomes harder for them to make top dollar if their work isn’t equal to that of a superior race. Minorities may not aspire to surpass the norms of a high school diploma because of the struggle to be recognized for doing the same or better than the superior race. It will be a continuous fight that we will win one day.

2. (Utilize slides 3,4 & 5.) As a student on a quest to better understand Diversity
– Multi-cultural Relations & Racism, speculate on the rationale for anthropologist, historians and cartographers depiction of the continent Africa
(Afrika) as much smaller than it actually is; and as a “backward Third-World” country, while referencing European countries as being the builders of advanced civilizations, and the predominant purveyors of knowledge, power, and Empires throughout history.

Africa has been overlooked for centuries as a large, strong and established continent. The slide viewed in class showed that Africa can hold the United States, Europe, India, China and more. The picture depicts the meaning that Africa is enormous although it doesn’t receive the same amount of spotlight and respect as some of the other large continents that are not dominantly black.
When Africa was made to be smaller than its actual size, the power is suppressed and diminished. The same historians and anthropologist who support the rationale that “Columbus discovered America”, demeaning the continent of Africa, giving power and favor to the lighter-skinned –European countries. Those countries are said to be so powerful, knowledgeable and creators of the world’s greatest Empires due to the fact that they have hidden truths about the already existing nation of Africa. The Europeans were not smart enough to communicate with the first discovered