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Development in Adolescence and Late Adulthood Worksheet

Use the Learn Psychology text, the University Library, and/or other resources to answer the following questions. Your response to each question should contain at least 150 words.

.1 Puberty can be a difficult time for adolescents. What are some of the challenges they face? Adolescents that are going through puberty are experience many of physical and mental changes. The physical changes vary for boys and girls that are going through puberty. Both genders start to have body hair growing in places that are new to them. Another physical change would be that their voices change during puberty. They start having sexual curiosity, sexual arousals, and playing with themselves exploring their bodies. Girls start their menstral cycle during puberty, as well, as breast development. They also go through growth spurts in height, and their overall body changes. During puberty some of the mental changes include changes in the way think and understand the world around them in which they are able to reason and think logically. They start to mature in their thinking processes, as well, as their behavior starts to mature. All of these changes affect individuals differently through their adolescent years. These changes can make them feel very uncomrtable with themselves and their bodies. This discomfort they feel can make them act out in their home and school. This is very important time for the guidance and nurture in their lives as they are starting to find and learn their identity.

.2 How and when is peer pressure harmful? Can it ever be helpful? Why?
Peer pressure can be extremely harmful in situations involving children with drugs, tobacco, and alcohol. Children can be pressured into doing these things that are extremely bad for their health, and they are extremely addictive. Peer pressure can also be harmful when an individual is pressured into doing things that have a negative impact on their life. Such as, crime, dropping out of school, and many of other situations that will lead an individual down a path will have long lasting negative impacts on their lives. Peer pressure can be very helpful in situations that surround becoming successful in life. It can be helpful in many of other situations that are pushing someone to do positive things with their life. The people that surround us have an influence on the situations we face, and the decisions we make. Its extremely important to surround ones self by successful people in order to become successful. These type of people will provide peer pressure, but in the ways that will have positive results in our lives..

.3 What types of changes occur in the brain in late adulthood?
When we age our brains undergoes many of changes during this time. As we have more trouble understanding new information, and we can’t remember information from our memories accurately. The speed of which we process mentally begins to slow down causing the brain to take longer to remember information,