PSY201 r5 Self Reflection Worksheet Essay

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Self-Reflection Worksheet

Respond to the following in 200-300 words each.

1. While considering the different theories of motivation, describe your personal motivation for attending college. How much of your motivation is extrinsic, intrinsic, and neutral? From what you have read, how might you change your motivation? Which motivational theory applies most to your situation? Explain why.

My personal motivation for attending college is to further my education so that I would always have another profession to fall back on. In today’s times we are never sure when the job we are working no longer be viable. Jobs today are eliminated as quickly as money. We have worked on some jobs for over 40 years to come in and they tell you it is gone. With society like this I feel that I must educate myself with other skills. I can be more employable with multiple skills and higher education. Most of my motivation is neutral. My motivation should be more intrinsic at this stage of my life. I am basically at the intrinsic stage of my motivation. I want to find a career that I enjoy. A job is a job because you need it to exist. A career is fun because you enjoy what you do. I no longer fill that I have to work to survive or to enjoy life. I want to work in a field that I will find rewarding and it will not seem like a job. I enjoy working and meeting people. As stated in my Big Five I enjoy accommodating others. This is the reason that I have changed my career aspects so I can help others.

2. Describe two specific emotions you have experienced, one pleasant and one unpleasant. Select two theories of emotion and evaluate these emotions based on those theories. Which emotion best accounts for your emotional experiences? Why?

Two specific emotions that I have experienced was sadness and the other was joy. The two theories of emotions are the James-Lange theory of emotion – he suggest that a stimulus initiates a reaction physiological and a behavior reaction this leads to the emotion that is at hand. The other theory of emotion is: Cannon-Bard theory of emotions suggest that emotions are not tied into feelings but rather through experience my emotions are best described by the James-Lange theory. A physiological and a behavior reaction lead to the emotions that I was feeling in the sadness and the joy. My mind trigger the experience and my behavioral reaction was the emotion that I would display at that moment in time. Sadness and joy both deal with the physiological part of the brain that triggers the behavior part to react a certain way. In Cannon-Bard theory my emotions would be based on my experience of how to react on the feelings that I have had before during similar situations to be considered acute then we would have to learn how to react to certain situations from childhood through adulthood from dealing with other people in society. This is basically the only way that you could prove it to be in this theory.

3. Select two theories of personality and describe your