Psy201 Week 1 Assignment

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This week assignment is way more understanding than chapter one and two from last week. Those two first chapters were very complicated. For this week assignment Sleep across the Life Cycle was better. I have learned the element of the EEG signal and of the EEG from infancy through adulthood. This chapter also describes the different sleep stages and waking activity from newborn to Elderly. What was a very interest to me was that the amount of NREM sleep increases and the amount of REM sleep decreases during the first years of life? At first, I was thinking really, I didn’t know that it increase and decrease the first years of life but reading more about it I understand why the increases and decreases happen in that stages. The NREM-REM Cycle increases from infancy to adulthood which was really interesting to know that how it changes over the years that we getting older and older. …show more content…
That can be one way that affected by biologic, physiologic, and environmental factors. Sleep and waking in the Fetus and the Premature Infant talks more about the EEG patterns which explained the brain electrical activity and it describes as a discontinuous pattern. One other thing I learned was that at “28 to 32 weeks CA—discontinuous pattern with the appearance of fast 10 to 20 Hz activity superimposed on slow waves and forming a pattern called delta brushes” and “Between 28 and 38 weeks CA—background predominantly discontinuous EEG activity with bursts of higher amplitude slow-wave activity and low” and from that it decreases every 10 to 15 seconds with parallel