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Organizational Behaviour
A field of study that investigates the impact that individuals, groups, and structure have on behavior within organizations
The aim is to apply such knowledge toward improving organizational effectiveness.

Discussion Questions
Think of the worst coworker/employee you’ve ever had. What did that person do that was so bad?
Think of the best coworker you’ve ever had. What did that person do that was so good?

The Best of Coworkers, the Worst of Coworkers
Table 1-1

Why Do We Study OB?
To learn about yourself and others
To understand how the organizations you encounter work
To become familiar with team work
To help you think about the people issues faced by managers and entrepreneurs

What Do We mean By An Organization?
A consciously coordinated social unit:
Composed of a group of people
Functioning on a relatively continuous basis
To achieve a common goal or set of goals

The Importance of Interpersonal Skills
Recognition of the importance of developing interpersonal skills is closely tied to the need for organizations to get and keep high-performing employees.
Creating a pleasant workplace makes good economic sense.
Companies with reputations as good places to work have been found to generate superior financial performance.

What challenges do managers and employees face in today’s workplace?

Exhibit 1-1: Basic OB Model
Exhibit 1-1: Basic OB Model
Individual level -> Group level -> Organization systems level

Today’s Challenges in the Canadian Workplace
Challenges at the Individual Level
Individual Differences
Job Satisfaction
Behaving Ethically
Challenges at the Group Level
Working With Others
Workforce Diversity
Behaving Ethically
Is it ever okay to lie in business?
What is lying?
Is withholding information for your own advantages the same as lying?

Jordan v. Duff and Phelps
Company withheld information from employee about impending sale of company
Jordan was leaving the company – and therefore sold his shares
10 days later the sale o the company was made public ($23,225 versus $452,000, plus $194,000)
Jordan sued – organization should have disclosed this information to him
Duff and Phelps said they never lied to him
What do you think?

US Court of Appeals that one party cannot take “opportunistic advantage” of the other
Omitting relevant facts can be as bad as lying
Jordan won…?

Today’s Challenges in the Canadian Workplace
Challenges at the Organizational Level
Improving Customer Service
Stimulating Innovation and Change
The Use of Temporary (Contingent) Employees
Improving Quality and Productivity
Developing Effective Employees
Helping Employees with Work-Life Balance
Creating A positive Work Environment
Responding to Globalization

The Use of Temporary (Contingent) Employees
Downsizing: The number of openings for nonpermanent workers has increased.
Benefit: Employees prefer the freedom and flexibility of temporary status
Challenge: Employees lack of security and stability that permanent employees have and organizations face the challenge of motivating employees who do not feel connected to the organization.

Improving Quality and Productivity
The achievement of goals.
The ratio of