psy3200 capstone Essay

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This writer feels that this course was very helpful and informative to them in there professional and personal interaction in there daily life.

In the past course this writer has learned about psychology principles and fundamental knowledge and learning about the ethical principles in psychology and how to use them effectively in my professional life and I also learned a lot about use critical thinking, logical reasoning and problem solving and how to use what I learn to become good in what I want to do my professional life. I have also learned to start researching for a paper early and to pre write a paper early because if you need to fix some thing you can and that you can have some one over look it to make sure that it sound ok and everything is sound right and that you have it formatted right and that it make sense and it cover all the bases that it has too.

One of the hardest thing for this writer is to write a paper that is formatted right and the spelling to be right and to make sure that this write is make sure there grammar is corrects and another struggle this write has to respond to other peer because this writer can think some thing in her hair but to sit down and type it out this writer make a mistake and they feel that people are judging her and that people cant understand what she is tring to say and that really brother her.

The best advice I can give follower and new learner is to attends the labs because there are very informative and are