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Psychology and the Law
Sex Offenders

Sex offenders
• 1 in 8 males
• 1 in 4 females are victims of sexual assault
• 13% of boys and 30-40% of girls experience sexual abuse during childhood (U.S.)
• Far higher than police reports

Sexual Assault
• “[A]ny non-consensual sexual act committed by a male or female against either a male or a female, regardless of the relationship between the individuals involved”
1) simple sexual assault
2) sexual assault with a weapon or causing bodily harm 3) aggravated sexual assault
Do not encompass non contact assaults

Sexual assault
• All individuals under the age of 16 or 18 if in a position of authority are presumed to be unable to give full informed consent and thus any adult engaging in sexual behaviour with these individuals is guilty of an indictable offense (C.C.C., 2011) regardless of consent
• Incest with an adult blood relative and bestiality are indictable offenses in Canada

Types of Sexual Offenders
Voyeurs: sexual arousal from secretly spying on others as they disrobe or engage in sexual behaviour 1) Overwhelming fantasies, thoughts, or urges
2) Cause personal distress and affect functioning or they act upon fantasies
- male, increased psychological problems, issues with drugs and alcohol, heightened level of sexual arousability Exhibitionists
Becoming sexually aroused upon exposing one’s genitals to a stranger
• Flashing, mooning, streaking, masturbating in public • Telephone scatalogia
- male, increased psychological problems, low life satisfaction, increased drug and alcohol use, high level of masturbation and pornography use

Child Pornographers
• Child pornography is any photo, video or audio recording, or written description that depicts a person who is or is made to appear under the age of 18 engaged in explicit sexual activity • Consume, create, molest (masturbation)

• Persistent fantasies, urges, thoughts, behaviours, and sexual desire for prepubescent children and a lack of sexual interest in other adults hebephilia: sexual interest in adolescents who do not yet show signs of secondary sex characteristics Internet Lurers
• Contact children or adolescents on-line and groom them (build a relationship and trust) to engage in sexual activity (live or cyber sex)
• Travellers
- White males, younger, less abuse in childhood, higher victim empathy than offline offenders

• Sexual arousal from touching or rubbing against a non-consenting individual
• Groping
• Female only travel cars in Japan, Mexico, and
- males, comorbid paraphilias, increased psychological issues

Child Molesters
• Sexual activities ranging from fondling of the genitals to oral, vaginal, and anal penetration
• Familial vs. non familial
• Situational (opportunistic) vs. preferential
• Opportunistic prey on elderly and disabled as well (psychopathic)
• Socially inept, less assertive

• Penetrative sexual assault of non-consenting victims over the age of 16
• Under 16 is child rape (statutory rape)
1. Power reassurance
2. Power assertive
3. Anger retaliatory
4. Anger excitement
5. opportunistic

Female Sex Offenders
• Prevalence unknown as male victims are less likely to report, especially children
• Half of victims are the children of offenders
• Male victims are often blamed for the offense
- Married with children, mental illness, substance abuse, abused themselves in childhood (emotional, physical, and/or sexual)
- psychosis

Female Sex Offenders
1) Teacher-lover type
2) Intergenerationally predisposed type
- Abuse victim themselves, opportunistic
3) Male coerced type
-) co-dependent, abuse victim, does not initiate
-) May begin to offend on their own later
Exploration/exploitation vs. psychologically distrubed
-history of self-harm, inability to express emotions, rejection, rage, and despair

Juvenile Sex