Abuse, Sexual, Impulse-Control, And Personality Disorder

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Eating, Substance Abuse, Sex/Gender/Sexual, Impulse-Control, and Personality Disorder

Psy 410 Eating, Substance Abuse, Sex/Gender/Sexual, Impulse-Control, and Personality Disorder

Normal behavior is behavior that does not cause harm to one's self or another person. Abnormal behavior can be explained as behavior that significantly differs from some consensually agreed upon norm and is in some way harmful to the person or to others (Meyer, Chapman, & Weaver, 2009) Deviance, refers to behavior that differs from socially accepted standards of conduct. Next is Difference, suggesting behavior that varies from accepted norms. Some Abnormal behavior can be caused by several disorders

Eating Disorder
Abnormalities in hormones and is Genetics, brain structures, and neurotransmitters are concentrate so it can show us what causes eating disorder. Research informs us that fraternal twins are less likely to have bulimia or anorexia than identical twins. Monogenetic factors shows to be a big influence in the symptom of eating disorder. For example, depression and obsessive-compulsive anxiety. When they have a compulsive need were they have to diet, purging, or dieting because of obsession thoughts that they feel they are overweight. (Hansel & Damour, 2008).
There are two hormones that are the main target in this study. (leptin and ghrelin) Leptin has a hormone that keeps you from getting hungry. and ghrelin is a hormone that causes you to be hungry. Individual suffering from bulimia seems to have a lower level of leptin than normal; also their ghrelin level is not coin off when they are done with their meal.

Substance Abuse
The dopamine transmitter can get affected when taking drugs. This can start up the “reward pathway’’, causing dopamine to be release in the brain. The hippocampus and amygdala forms never ending memories of the calming feelings and can atomically be reminded by their environment. Research shows that alcoholism can be found in the genes. The environment that was in can also prove how come alcoholism is genetic.

Personality disorder
Temperament, an innate behavior that can be view at birth. It can be from an environmental influence. Family and friends could be the cause.

Sexual Dysfunction and Deviance
Researchers have found when an individual are accuse of committing sexual offense, those individual were victim of sexual abuse. (Hansell & Damour, 2008). They do not seem to have any control over their action because of what was done to them. As it child it might have seem normal but deep inside even a child can tell when something is not right. Not having anyone to protect them they might have felt scared. The sad part once they get older some of them go out and cause harm to other kids, almost as if reliving that moment. It’s kind of hard to judge these individuals because of what they been through, yet