Working With Employees Portfolio

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Working with Employees Portfolio
Kimberley Moore
May 5, 2015
Dr. Francis Uzonwanne

Working with Employee Portfolio
Working with Employees Portfolio City youth agency is an organization that focus on African American adolescent males in poverty-stricken communities. City Youth organization offers job training, employment, resources for GED classes and other wrap around services for their clients. Each client assigned a worker to assists in their need of services. City Youth days of operation is Monday Thru Friday from 9am to 6pm on Saturdays they are open from 10 am to 1pm for clients who may need to attend training on Saturday. Other organization sends referrals to City Youth to work with their clients who are in need of assistances. City Youth employees have caseloads of 10 clients, supervisors are responsible in delegated the assignments to their employees once the managers have assigned the portfolios to the two supervisors.
A 30-minute interview with an employee name Carol Williams in reference to her positions and job duties. Ms. Williams is a manager at City Youth organization that helps inner city youths to obtain employment through intense training and real life issues. Ms William’s role is to provide leadership and to deal with any issues or problems that may arrive from her staff and clients on behalf of the organization.
Ms. Williams been employed with the organization for 15 years 5 of them years she worked as a front line worker, was promoted to manager, and has held that position for the last 10 years. Ms. Williams is exceptional in her work duties and performances. Ms. Williams has had high outcomes with the youths in her unit in successfully helping them obtain employment and their GED.
Ms. Williams is responsible for 20 staff and 200 clients, there are times when she has double the client her employees are push to services the extra clients added to their caseload. Ms. Williams has part time and full time workers, her supervisors are full time. Problems arrive with not having enough full time employees.
Summary of Interview Ms. Williams has experience several issues that are harming the productivity of her clients. The part time staff is affecting the caseloads of her full time employees. Ms. Williams meet with her supervisor to discuss the problem with the part time employees. Ms. Williams’s concern with her subordinates, which are the supervisors, why there is not more full time employees to delegate the work to.
Her supervisors are responsible in ensuring there are enough full time employees to delegate caseloads to. Part time employees are hired to help in the over flow of caseloads. Ms. Williams deal directly with her supervisor with the lack of services for their clients and the shortage of full time staff supervisors held responsible for the lack of productivity and the flow of work. City Youth organization managers hold supervisors to higher standards then their other employees therefore the supervisor are accountable for any problems and issues and the supervisors hold their subordinates accountable. Recruitment and Employees Selection
City Youth organization has been having a difficult time in recruiting full time employees. Fulfilling the duties of a case manager working with inner city youth has been challenging to the organization. Recruiting individuals that are experience with working with the Population City Youth work with has been meeting the requirements. The applicants that have been applying for the full time positions do not met the skills or ability to services the population City Youth is looking for. The employees need to be able to work independently with minimum supervision, they need to know the area, and have experience in dealing with challenging adolescents. Staff need to be effective in the assistance they offer their clients in order for the client to reach their goals and complete the program. Employees that do not have the qualities City