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What does the word Psychology mean? Psychology is defined as a word about the soul or a word about the self-life.
What does the word Theology mean? Theology is defined as a word about God.
Why is the study of Psychology unique at Liberty University? It is unique because we always study psychology within the frame of reference of theology.
Theology is the frame of reference for Psychology at LU.
God is a God of revelation: He reveals Himself through: He reveals Himself through scriptures of the bible and the bible for us is truth. Everything we study passes through the filter of the scriptures. He reveals himself in the son, Jesus Christ, and also through creation, particularly through humanity and cosmos.
When studying psychology it is always tied to theology by filtering any material learned about psychology through what God has revealed through scriptures, in the son, and in His creative work.
Explain how Luke 21 relates to the study of Psychology. The scriptures reveal to us God mandates us to take possession of our soul, or another way of saying, take possession of ourselves for the purpose of the imitation of the Christ.
Write out Ephesians 5:1 and reflect on is relationship to the study of Psychology. Be ye therefore imitators of God, as dearly beloved children.
What is an existentialist view of psychology? The view of existentialists is concern for the development of spiritual dimension of persons.
What is the study of cognitive psychology? The study of cognitive psychology is base upon the whole idea of thinking for oneself, how feelings affect our choices, and the human will to make choices.
List three other views of psychology Dr. Hawkins discussed. Neuropsychology and how or why brain chemistry has anything to do with our choices. Evil is substituted for the word sin