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psyc final review 1. Emerging adult hood. 2. Tagging future events with a particular time or age by which they are to be competed. 3. Rituals marking initiation into adult hood. 4. College students over the age of 25 5. K 6. 7. 94%. 8. 400,000. 9. The risks of stroke and heart disease return back to normal after a period of roughly 15 years. 10. Type of drinking defined for men as consuming five or more drinks in a row and for women as consuming four or more drinks in a row within the past 2 weeks. 11. How much energy your body needs. 12. Inner city neighborhoods. 13. Crystallized intelligence- The knowledge you have acquired through life experience and education in a particular culture. Fluid Intelligence- abilities that make you a flexible and adaptive thinker, allow you to make inferences, and enable you to understand the relations among concepts. 14. F 15. F 16. Young adult hood. 17. j 18. Passion, Intimacy, and commitment. 19. Passion is usually high whereas intimacy and commitment tend to be low. 20. G 21. Situation occurring when a woman believes that she cannot leave the abusive situation and may even go so far as to kill her abuser. 22. 23. The decision to become permanently single is drifted into by circumstance rather than a lifestyle they choose such as having to care for parents or other family members instead of attending to personal goals related to marriage, family, education, or career. 24. People in committed intimate sexual relationships who live together but are not married. 25. convenience or sexual accessibility 26. 27. Similarity of values and interest. 28. Marital Satisfaction- A global assessment of one’s marriage. Having Children- 29. 30. Half of the U.S. is unplanned pregnancy. 31. Lack of heart beat and respiration. 32. Situation in which a person’s cortical functions ceases