The Inheritance Of Personality: Behavioral Genetics And Evolutionary Theory

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In chapter 9 "The Inheritance of Personality: Behavioral Genetics and Evolutionary Theory" talked about how personality is based on genetics as well as one's environment growing up. Not in the fact that everyone in the same family will be the exact same when brought up the exact same but in the fact that one's personality is influenced in different ways from these two factors. A media source that displays house siblings had their own personality even though they all grew up semi similar to each other is Cheaper by the Dozen. in that movie the family had 12 children 4 of which were twins and all ranging from 18-4 years of age. In behavioral genetics it attempts to explain how personality traits are passed down and shared by biological relatives and not my one's environment. In this movie each child had their own personality with the exception of the youngest twin boys who still were figuring out their personalities together. But all of the other 10 children had their own favorite interest and hobbies and dressed to their style. One child was very feminine while another child was definitely more "tom-boy" like. both grew up in the same household but both had their own personality they developed from their upbringing. There were some characteristics towards personality that was genetically passed down from their parents, like being active and compassionate towards others. The parents I believe passed down important morals that set within each child and shared with others. The other trait the book talked about was evolutionary psychology which attempts to explain how patterns of behavior that characterize all humans originated in the survival value these characteristics provided. For example in regard to Adolf Hitler he only wanted people who were blonde with blue eyes. He believed that this trait needed to survive and that Jewish people were not important to continue on their race. In the movie Schindler's List was about concentration camps and how Hitler wanted to kill off all of the Jewish people. This movie displayed how Eugenics had a bad role in this society and that Adolf Hitler was a brilliant leader but this form of dictatorship resulted in bad ending. His idea of the perfect person was unrealistic in a community filled with Jewish