PSYCH 324 Exam 3 Study Guide Essay

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Exam 3 Study Guide

*NO Stem #10 on short answer

These are meant as GUIDES for STUDYING and not simply a list of everything on the exam. This means that there may be things on the study guides that are NOT on the exam and things that are on the exam that are NOT on the study guide. To do your very best on exams, you should 1) read the text and/or supplementary material, 2) attend class, 3) pay attention to lecture, 4) take good notes, 5) ask for clarification when needed, 6) study regularly and often (as opposed to cramming right before the exam), as well as 7) complete the study guide.

Compared to the “typical” research study
How MAs are conducted
Benefits and drawbacks to MAs
Effect Size
How ES is measured
How to interpret ESs
How ESs are visualized in distributions
How ESs are used in understanding gender comparisons
Cognitive Abilities
Measuring cognitive abilities
Ability versus achievement
Gender comparisons of intelligence and memory
NOTE: you will NOT NEED TO KNOW the effect size values for all of the gender comparisons discussed in lecture but you NEED TO KNOW the patterns of gender differences (e.g., F > M or F < M).
Verbal Abilities
Overall comparisons
Comparison by type of test and age
Writing abilities
Learning disabilities
Quantitative Abilities
Overall comparisons and by age
Comparison by type of test and age
Best predictor of quantitative performance
SAT evidence
Visual-Spatial Abilities
Definitions and types of VS tasks
Spatial Perception
Mental Rotation
Spatial Visualization
Water Level Test
What it is