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1. Attribution Theory- My sister told my parents a secret that our brother told her not to tell. From a situational perspective, we could say that my sister was being a snitch and trying to get our brother in trouble. My sister’s disposition would be that she is always telling the truth and feels guilty if she ever keeps a secret or hides something.
2. Fundamental Attribution Error- Every time my friend goes over my house she is conservative, which is unlike her personality. I always thought it was because my parents were around and she was embarrassed. However, I was confused when we went over our other friends’ house and she was acting like herself, even when the parents were around. I underestimated the situation and overestimated my friend’s disposition.
3. Foot in the Door Phenomenon- I was borrowing my friends lipstick one night because I was going out. The next day, she asked for it back and I asked her if I could give it to her after the weekend because I wanted to use it again, and she agreed, thinking it’s no big deal if I borrow it for 2 more days. After that weekend, I told her I had a busy week and asked if I could give it to her over the weekend, and she agreed again, thinking I needed it more than she did so she didn’t mind lending it to me.
4. Cognitive Dissonance Theory- When Sam was younger, she was always told that saying bad words is wrong. As she grew up, she never said any bad words because she knew it was wrong. From attending a Christian private