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Introspective Paper
Rodrigo Cisneros Psychology 1 04/29/15

I am an eighteen year old young man in the process of understanding myself little by little as my life goes throughout everyday. I am a very calm, passive, shy, naive, and can be extraverted ( but more of an introverted person at times). I’m still in that direction in my life where I doubt myself or even contradict of the things that I want to do in my life but feel that I won’t be able to reach them. All this time I been pretending to do what my surroundings ( people
& society) want me to do , but as my life has been changing throughout all these years I’ve been able to put all those things aside that have been trying to block my path and focus on a new path that I will want and be able to do. I'm still trying to find myself because I still yet don’t know the real me, so I’m still in the process of finding it as my life changes. In this essay , I hope it gives me a chance to show how my life has reflected me as of today and hopefully from then on become more confident and someone who can overcome any obstacle that life throws at you without letting it bring me down.
There are very important people in my whole life who have inspired and influence me.
Also have received full support and most of all who have been there for me through all those difficult times and those people are my parents and sister. These people who are caring and very important people in my life are the ones who have push me and shape me of the person I have become today. My mother has always been there to lead to the right path and make the right decisions throughout my life. My sister is another person whom I care very much about. She has been a really helpful person who has supported me with my school and education and I couldn’t be anymore happy then that. My step­father is someone who I really admired and care very much about. Without him I couldn’t have come this far and of course my mother as well but my stepfather always help with things like projects and stuff like during high school which at that

time I really didn’t care that much about but he would gladly help me and never said No! On the contrary he would offer me his help if he saw me struggling and little by little I respected him very deeply of how he was not only with me but my mother and sister as well. The truth is I’ve changed a lot because of my parents. I don't blame them for helping me out in fact that has me made more secure but I still don't have that confidence in myself that I’m willing to do it and move on with my life.
There has been a couple of events that have shape me to be who I am today and that is definitely immigrating to the United States. I was only eight years old when my mother decided to bring both my sister and I to come here. My real father was already here before us and he was the one that told my mother for us to come here and start a new life. It was a really tough choice for me because I would need to learn a new culture which was very different from ours. Not only that but I would also have to learn a new language to communicate with others and I was very nervous because I didn’t know anything. I know it was also a very hard decision for my mother but she was only thinking for my sister and I to have a better future. It sadden me to see how my mother still coming to this country will work very hard for both my sister and I. The feeling was indescribable at times where I wish I could do something to help. This has made me appreciate the opportunities I have in this country that I know how far I can get. When I think about it in the past of my family and I not ready to come here I feel very thankful that we actually made this choice of coming to America. Not only it has open doors for us but both my sister and I have been able to received good education in this country. The language as well it was a very tough experience for me to