Essay on Psych: Avoidant Personality Disorder and Self Esteem

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People with Schizoid personality disorder often avoid social activities and consistently steer away from interacting with others. Some may have poor hygiene, trouble showing emotion and less interest in recreational activities. Most individuals with this disorder have trouble forming personal relationships and if they do they have trouble keeping them. They may appear withdrawn or detached from some situations but they are extremely sensitive.

Individuals with Paranoid personality disorder suffer from paranoia, mistrust and uncertainty of others even when there is no reason to be suspicious. People with this disorder have trouble keeping close relationships because they often have habits to blame and distrust. They can become very jealous and controlling in relationships. They are hypersensitive and very opinionated.

Schizotypal personality is similar to schizoid personality disorder, only seemingly more severe. Along with the trouble of forming relationships, they often have delusions of clairvoyance, and odd eccentricities. Their perception of reality can be distorted, and peculiar to others.

Someone with Narcissistic personality have a grandiose notions of themselves. Their self esteem is extremely fragile, yet masked by their superiority. This limits their ability to function socially, and in work and school.

Antisocial personality disorder is a mental illness in which the person's ways of thinking, perceiving situations and relating to people are unusual and destructive. These people, in severe cases are classified as sociopaths, and will lie, cheat, and steal in order to manipulate situations in their favor.

People with Avoidant personality experience the feeling of imperfection and are very sensitive to what people think about them. This leads to being socially withdrawn and very guarded. Because of these emotions of imperfection and inhibition, the person with this personality…