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Chapter 1 Discussion

There are four professional specialties in Psychology. Clinical Psychology and Counseling Psychology are similar in that specialists in both areas engage in some of the same activities. Counseling Psychology and School Psychology are similar because that both provide assistance in helping people or kids struggle with everyday problems. The Industrial and organizational Psychology has a wide spectrum and is the most different from the other three specialties.

Chapter 2 Discussion

Each of the four research methods have there own strengths and weaknesses. The Experimental Method allows you to have command over your variables, which usually gives you an idea of what the turnout will be. A major disadvantage is the circumstances are often artificial. This weakness brings us to the strength of Naturalistic Observation; minimizing the artificialness of the research. Case Studies are great for when you are trying to go very in depth with your research. The only problem is you are aware of what is expected. The last research method is Surveys, the best quality of this would be how easy they are to conduct but they are often unreliable.

Chapter 6 Discussion

Example of Classical conditioning: When my sister was little she had an allergic reaction to peanut butter so now whenever she sees peanut butter she keeps her distance.
Example of Classical conditioning: Sara likes getting subs from Publix so now whenever she goes to Publix she gets…