Essay about Psych: Dream Interpretation and Extra Credit

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Dream Analysis (Extra Credit)

My Dream: I had a dream that my brother & I were going on a cruise. There was a party on the top deck of the ship and everyone was dressed up in formal clothing, dancing, and taking pictures. My brother & I took a picture next to the railing and one of the waiters accidently bumped into me and walked in front of our picture. We retook the picture and then all of a sudden, I noticed that the bracelet I was wearing wasn’t there anymore. My brother shouted at the waiter when we saw that he had it in his hand. We both started chasing him and I kept saying, “I’m going to owe Mom a hundred dollars.” My brother chased the waiter to the edge of the ship and everyone else on the cruise stared and gasped in disbelief, almost as if a fight was going to break out. Then, I threw a plate of shrimp at the waiter and stole my bracelet back. Finally, I woke up.

Cruise: To dream that you are on a cruise symbolizes some emotional ride that you are currently experiencing. The dream may also signify optimism in your situation, particularly in 'cruising' through life where things fall into the right place as the moment calls for it. This suggests a life with ease.

Bracelet: To dream of seeing or wearing a bracelet symbolizes intense feelings of desire, excitement, and stimulation. The dream may also be a suggestion that you need to renew a forgotten relationship or get in contact with an acquaintance from the past. To dream of a bracelet