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Over the course of the shortened term, I was able to obtain a sum of knowledge about positive psychology. I was fortunate enough to be able to work with such a diverse group of people with very distinctive backgrounds. Our collaboration allow me to see from a different perspective and encounter new experiences. The topic we researched was “Happiness”, and I was glad I chose this topic because it allowed me to elaborate on what caused my happiness. In turn, I was able to realize what made me happy and that allowed me to be more grateful for the things and people I had in my life. I also was able to see how different I was from everyone and how everyone was also very different from me. It was a simple realization, yet it impacted my life greatly. Happiness was always present in my life but I never really took an in-depth look into it. It was like background music for me. It was there, but I didn’t notice why it was there until I took this course. I guess I was just too caught up in the moment to see the cause of my happiness or it maybe it was because of my growth and maturity, but overall, I am glad that i’m just realizing it now. This allows me to appreciate everything in my past and hopefully everything in my future as well.

I was able to realize that it doesn’t take much for me to be happy. The simplest and the smallest things would bring me joy. I figured out that the cause of this easily obtainable happiness was in my genetics through research with my peers. I was astonished to find out that genetics determines the majority of my overall happiness. I thought external factors like money and relationships alone determined happiness, but that was completely wrong. So, it was a true gift that I am able to be so happy with what I have. Although genetics plays a large role in happiness, it isn’t just genetics that determines it alone. External factors and circumstance does also affect overall happiness, but not as much as genetics. I analyzed that the cause of my happiness was contributed not just from my genetics, but from my background and upbringing also. Both of these intertwined and allowed me to be a joyful person. My background and upbringing was due to the wonderful people I call my friends and family. There aren’t enough words to explain the affection and support I receive from them. First off, my family is tight knit and we love each other’s company. It’s always been that way and it is a real blessing. I’ve been raised to value everything whether big or small. My family taught me to be thankful for all that I have and never cease to forget all the good that happens in my life. Secondly, my friends and I have shared experiences that have also shaped me into who I am. It has been an amazing journey with my friends because they contribute to most of my happiness. It’s safe to say without them, my life would be very dull. Even though I am still a young man, I’ve been able to realize what it takes live a good life and how to be a good person