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Instinct theory – Flinching and gasping when one of your friends jumps out behind a door to scare you. This is an example of the instinct theory because it is a reflex which aims to protect us.
Drive reduction theory – Ex. going to eat at the dining hall after my stomach growls in order to restore homeostatic balance. This is an example of drive reduction theory because the act of going to eat was driven by a biological need to seek balance.
Incentive theory – Ex. Studying for an exam in order to get a good grade in the class. This is an example of incentive theory because the motivation is pulled by a desire to seek the rewards.
Arousal theory - Ex. Watching an action movie late at night in the dorm with my friends. This is an example of the arousal theory because I was motivated to increase levels of arousal and have fun.
Humanistic/ Hierarchy of Needs – Ex. Seeking shelter during a thunderstorm before carrying out a higher order need. This is an example of the hierarchy of needs because we must fulfill a basic, low-order need before moving on to fulfilling a higher level need.
-Why does the process occur.
-Where does it occur.
-How does it occur.
-How is it measured.
-What are the hazardous effects.
-What happened in any of the examples discussed in class.
-How are the effects mitigated, how is risk evaluated, how is the process predicted or forecasted.
-What makes a geologic process a hazard, what are hazards, disasters and catastrophe.…