Six Kinds Of Psychology

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Six Kinds of Psychology
Certain types of Psychology don’t like each other
Psychoanalytical Psychology
Sigmund Freud
Freud was a misogynist – hated women
Freud was a rationalist
Freud compared 3 levels of consciousness to an iceberg
The bottom of the Iceberg: Unconscious mind
Move to the top: Consciousness
Freud was 100% unscientific
Behavior is caused by Unconscious Ideas
1. Sex
2. Violence
*** We evolved from animals ***
We still have animalistic urges/ instincts
Freud believes the unconscious mind is all bad
Psychoanalyze Freud
Freud was a homosexual: believed that he was a bad person because of such feelings
Freud said little girls want to have sex with their dads and kill their moms, while boys want to have sex with their moms and kill their dads
Behavioral Psychology
John B. Watson
Behavior is caused by rewards and punishments
If you can’t observe or measure the mind, it does not exist
Rigorously scientific
Popular in the U.S.A.  Used by the government
Public schools use behavioral psychology
National Honor Society, Detention
B.F. Skinner and Seymour Skinner
Cognitive Psychology
Jean Piaget
Cogito - Latin: “to think”
Behavior is caused by how we think how we remember and how we communicate.

The century of the Self
Edmund Burney’s
Manipulated the masses
Showed corporations how to mass produce
***You don’t understand the 21st century or yourself! ***
Happiness Machinery
Psychotherapists ball in Vienna
Also includes citizens of Vienna who like parties
Freud’s desire to study the mind threatened the control the wealthy had over others
His studies questioned society
Freud got people to talk about their feelings
Everything in the universe has a beginning and an ed
Including talking about your feelings
Freud got people to think in introspection
Austrian empire told people to not think about their feelings
Feelings = Weakness
Teenage boys don’t like to show their emotions
Austrian empire based on fate
***Freud used dream analysis and free association*** there is a barrier between the unconscious and conscious mind
Most influential person of 20th century: Edward Burney’s
Burney’s was against democracy
Freud believed everyone has phantos (a desire to destroy)
Everyone has an animalistic instincts (sex/ violence)
The masses must be controlled
Burney’s did not trust people
Burney’s was